Saturday, December 1, 2012

New Day

It's December 1. Woooaah! The month itself excites me and bring some anxieties too. Well, it is my birth month and there are many other special events to celebrate. I will not forget that this is Our Savior's natal day too. :) When everyone is tweeting about "Hello December or December be good to me". I'd like to say:, "thank you God for another month. You're with me, stay with me."

I was still wide awake when the clock ticks at 12:01. I even got to talk to Pael. A conversation to patch things up on my side, share my chikkas and my favorite: LAUGH. Immediately after the talk, I watched my favorite TV series, Vampire Diaries. I waited for about 2 hours or more to download Episode 7 : "The Brother's Keeper". It was worth it. I am a fan! *My boyfriend gets annoyed of this thought. haha* The story just keep on revealing twists and the much awaited DELENA tandem is getting magnified. :) Also, I am DELENA fan. *giggles* . I slept with smiles.

When I woke up this morning, I was very enthusiastic to see Jeff. There are just so many things to catch up. We talked and shared stories/updates and it felt good. We walked through the many stores of Uyanguren (DCLA Area), continued the shopping at Gaisano Mall and finally end up our trip at Abreeza. I also met my other friend Cly and they joined me in my search for Christmas gifts. It was fun :) Thanks for the wonderful company. By the way, the list is still long. A-ja!

I deleted a post. A post that was funny, melodramatic and embarrassing but at the end gave me relief. :) So, I am posting this to replace it. :)

I was told I will be a ninang. Praise God for another God-mother duty. 

I watched MMK. It was touching. The message goes for everybody to stay safe and to seek help if needed. A story of great, profound love and acceptance.

I am happy today. It's a new day. Thank you God.

The night isn't over. But it's good to have this chance to visit this page. It's been a while :)
God bless everyone.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Today is June 1, 2012

Happy first day of June! It’s half-way 2012. Is it also half-way to what they call end-of-the-world? *laughs* 

How did people ever thought of this day? Or how one did start this new month? Me… I tried to do something significant today and to begin with I prayed not to be late at work. But pfffft! FAILED. I arrived 
I was five minutes late. Tsk. Tsk. WHY? 1st.I have been sleeping late (or early hahaha at 2am). 2nd, Even if I woke up earlier than usual I find myself  too slow on fixing myself. Poor habit. (Reminders: Readers , pick what’s right and inspiring to follow in anything I write about for what I just have written is not a good thing to practice)

Then I was in the office. Mam Leng, our HR Coordinator back our training days in Manila was also holding a training about Business Writing with Mrs. Rex as the speaker. We had long chats, making me unproductive for some time. I forgot to finish my proposal letters for companies which most are long over due. Bad thing again. Yet good enough, some of my energy was transferred on preparing the ATM cards for the payroll account we’ve been working on. Now, it’s work-related. I was able to book our caravan for Monday and follow-up companies I’ve been calling out the past week. The working time seems so fast for me that’s it’s already 5:30 and it felt so UNPRODUCTIVE. But I was so full (PICOBELLO plus MAMA MARIA PIZZA). Nyay. I also missed my flight for tonight. I mean I really did not pursue my flight for tonight. Some negative thoughts are moving into my mind and I am trying hard not to entertain them. I don’t want to practice my NEGATIVE CREATIVE MIND. Nyay!

HEY today is not yet over! I still want to be positive for this month. So to myself I say this:

  • Get back on a checklist per day. Planning ahead do matter a lot!
  • Try to sleep earlier. I mean SLEEP EARLIER! Oohhh please, my system clock cooperate.
  • I need to refocus myself because there’s a target to catch (Ooooh friends please pray for me)

How did this day go for you? Hope it is all good! J and lovely maybe.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

A prayer to one of my bucket-dreams

Dear God,

I love talking infront of people especially when I speak about something I know about. You know how passionate I am whenever I lead a team whose cause I am informed or facilitate a class like what I do in Ateneo First Year Orientation Program. You know Lord, how much I desire to be a member of Mentor's Club in Highschool, not only to get that chance of wearing the different uniform but of that opportunity to teach, to inspire and to lead.

I just submitted my resume and application letter for a part-time teaching job. I know I am not yet mentally prepared but I am very excited and motivated to do it.

Get me there Lord. Guide me. 
It's a dream of mine to be a teacher. 
I really pray to get this experience. Your will be done.

By the way SIR God, you're my best teacher!


Sunday, May 23, 2010


I'm here at C206.
The incoming SAMAHAN officers (SY 10-11) are having their long range planning.
Right beside me is MIGEL, the secretary-general. I used to be in her position and now, I miss having such role :)

But most of all... I miss the people of SAMAHAN. We were not complete when we had our EXIT CON. I hope we could be reunited again :)

05-22-10 7:19pm

I’m wishing that you’d surprise me. I’m wishing that tonight would be a little different… That tonight… I would see you. There is something in me that I wanted to see you badly. Or maybe I just miss those hugs that would make me feel fine. The feeling of loneliness is slowly taking into my nerves. My conditioning power seems not working the past days. I’ve been diverting my attention but it usually last for a little while. I tend to go back … again and again.. of wanting you… TO BE WITH ME. PHYSICALLY!

Missing you… really!

Saturday, May 22, 2010


Ryu, my classmate treated us (IM CLASS BATCH 2010) for lunch. It was his birthday. We (with Camz, Rocha, Kim, Janpol, Ogs, Maris, Kai, RJ, Tamala) ate at Toryanos.

We're reunited! Love it :)

LUNCH TOGETHER is one the many memories I miss with IM CLASS! Love it. And to Ryu, thanks for the treat. Till next time again!

Friday, April 16, 2010

GOD's message TODAY!

I got this message from facebook:

"On this day, God wants you to know that all is well. All is going according to plan. Trust that there is a bigger picture. Trust that life is unfolding as it should..."

At this point in time, I have uncertainties yet I am zealous for new experiences in life.
May your will be done Oh God...and to your Holy Name, I entrust everything!
Be with me Lord... always! :)