Thursday, October 15, 2009

Because of amnesia

I just finished doing my laundry (For the first batch of clothes though. Haha. Yah its weird doing laundry this late-11:30 PM) when the word “amnesia” just popped out in my mind. Amnesia is a memory condition in which memory is disturbed. In simple terms it is the loss of memory (Wikipedia 2009). Forgetfulness is something I’m afraid of. Nonetheless I know as we get old, we also get poor memory. But before this so-called “amnesia” strikes me and be totally confined to the idea of having it or even before I reach my “old age”; I thought of writing 11 (this is my favorite number) things/trivias about me. So I won’t forget some of the things about myself too. Here's the list:

2. My full name is Kristine Aspacio Reyes and I am the third child in the family.
3. I joined a beauty and brain contest when I was in Grade 3 (I ranked 1st runner up :p)and represented the country Philippines during United Nations Pageant in school when I was in grade 4 (I got the Best in Talent award).
4. I joined a singing contest when I was 2nd year highschool .The song was STAY by Carol Banawa. I totally messed up. That was a poor, humiliating performance. LOL :P
5. On our Physics Class in highschool we had a role-playing and I was awarded BEST ACTOR. Yes. I was the best actor for playing Isaac Newton’s role. Our group presented Newton’s law of motion. How can I forget! :)
6. I had my first cellphone (Unit:Nokia 3330; No: 09194285805)when I was grade six and first to have one among my siblings. It was snatched at Gaisano Mall, Gensan , a day before our Christmas party during my sophomore year in highschool. I was crying that whole night. Tsk2
7. I was the president of the class for seven times already (Grade 2, 3,4,5,6, 1st and 2nd year college). I was the president of a club (KASADYAHAN-a theater club)during my senior year in highschool and a consistent club officer during my lower years. I’m not bragging. :p
8. I was part of student council both in highschool and college. 3rd year Representative (3rd yr HS); Peace Officer (4th yr HS); Computer Studies Representative (3rd year College) and Secretary-General (4th yr College). Hmmm... I smell having a good future in (INDAY KRING2?)
9. My dream position in class or even in club is "MUSE". No joke. At last it came true ! I made it in my last year in college. FINALLY! (sounding so desperate) I’m the MUSE of PIGLASAPAT! Yes! Congratulations to ME! *laughs*
10. When you say the word “promise”, I often give my trust on your words! Or If it was me who said that word, I mean it. I do my best also to do what I just said-with all sincerity and optimism.
11. I love letters, foods and treats. (Oh c'mon, who doesn't love treats-free food, free ride,etc.? lol :P But be careful though.. )

More trivias soon… I should get some rest before Kim and I actualize our plan of JOGGING later (Oct. 15, 5:00am). Hope to get up on time :P


  1. wow! super talented naman ng kaibigan ko dito.. lols! hahaha! singig contest for real?? pageant??? hahahaha! mga 11 shocking truths about you man diay tu oi.. lols!:))

  2. hahaha.. I never imagined myself joining a singing contest back then, but I don't know why I ended up doing such thing. I no longer want to remember how many times I was out of tune, and my friends were just being nice and continued cheering for me! LOLS. but well it was unforgettable. :P