Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Bruce - belated birthday

I never really knew when Bruce’s birthday was. I even can’t remember celebrating his birthday last year. Not only today when Justine told us that yesterday (October 13) was his birthday. I even checked his ID to be sure. LOL. We all greeted him as if today is his birthday. And the next thing in mind: WHAT WE WANT AS BIRTHDAY TREAT? So we started shouting for PIZZA, ICE CREAM and COKE. *with claps* With all these things in mind, his only comment was: “Basta kayo bili” (As long as you will be the one to buy it) We all agreed right away and he handed me over two thousand pesos. There is no question to his kindness to all of us and to you, Bruce I leave this message:

Hey Bruce Melvin Tan!

Happy happy happy birthday!!!Oooopps.. Belated Happy 21st birthday! (to be more accurate) Thank you for treating us today. We were craving for pizza since last week and you made our wish come true. Thank you for being my friend. Jenny was right on saying that two years ago, we still don’t know much about you. But I am glad that this time around we’re good friends, sharing jokes and good/bad times together . Well, I was amused not knowing your birthday but I hope we made you feel special through our simple and belated greetings today! Thanks for the times you welcomed me and my groupmates to your office in doing our SAD project and for the times you drove me home. Thanks also for representing the division as the model for Jazz Up your jeans and for granting my request (the dried mangoes). I appreciate a lot as well the times you will call me “SEXY”, though I don’t fit to such adjective anymore. And my advice to you: "WORRY NO MORE" (the unforgettable tag line of your Techno Elevator pitch)! LOL :P

Again, happy birthday and thank you. God bless you more!


  1. hear hear kring! happy birthday bruce... thanks for writing this blog so that i won't have to make one.. you already said what i would have wanted to say.. LOL!:))

  2. hahaha! LOL! karun lang nko na gets ang worry no more!! hahahaha! nag hang ko kadali dah! haha!:))