Thursday, October 15, 2009

An Early Jogging

(Phone rings)

It must be Kim (I told myself). There were two missed calls and it was actually her (I was so right :p) It was my wake up call then.

Time check: 4:50 am- Oh, I only slept for about 3 hours I guess. But I’m not feeling so deficient of sleep anyway. I was excited! I guess that was the finest reason why.

I called her (Kim) back to say that I woke up already and subsequently started dressing up. I borrowed my sister’s rubber shoes without her knowing. She was still asleep so I didn’t bother waking her up. I left her with a note anyway. I was wearing my jersey for volleyball and an old HS jogging pants. I brought a towel too. Around 5:20 in the morning, Kim (wearing her sexy shorts) and I met and together lead our way to Ladislawa.

Just a few tips before, during and after jogging:
1. Start with stretching. Inhale, exhale.
2. Remember to be at ease to what you are doing. The length of your stride will depend on you and again be sure to be comfortable. Start your pace slow and stop when necessary. You can fast walk in between 3-5 minutes of jogging. Though everything depends on you anyway. Exercise proper breathing for a better and lasting jogging experience (I hope I’m doing my breathing right as well). Keep in mind this word : "E-N-J-O-Y".
3. Cool down and smile! You’re on your way in getting healthy and fit!

To be honest, it was my first time to do jogging early in the morning. I remembered doing this only as part of our warm-up activities before playing volleyball or for PE purposes. It was a fun experience with Kim. Waking up early was worth it as you get to see the fine-looking clouds and feel the cold fresh breeze of air. How wonderful indeed! You must try it too!

I also remembered my dad who used to jog early in the morning to stay fit and bring pandesal at home afterwards. I hope we could also do the same thing together.

BTW, thanks Kim for inviting me. Hope to do this with you again. BEAUTIFUL morning to you dear!

P.S. We were so proud of ourselves of having done it. As a reward, we ate at MCDO. LOL :P It feels good to be fit. Time check:7:55 am. Laundry here I come! :p


  1. gi kaun lang ninyu balik inyung gi jog.. LOL!:p

  2. Exactly. hahaha :P BTW, it was really nice looking at the clouds early morning. You will realized that such wonders are what we missed for not waking up early. :P

  3. btaw.. nka jog na pud daw ko oi.. lols! hahaha!

  4. I think I experienced jogging already. Well, I want to experience it again with you guys. Go for a FIT BODY. :)

  5. @lloyd: let's try jogging at panacan.. lols :P