Friday, October 16, 2009

An exclusive night with Jenny

AT 6th FLOOR. Soon after Yang left us (Jenny and I) to attend her Friday bible service and worship, the two of us decided to stay. I uploaded the pictures taken from my webcam yesterday and do my daily habit of visiting facebook, my highly recommended blog sites (jen,yang and Lloyd’s site :P) and my mail. Jenny all the while was doing her daily dose of facebook too.LOL (I’m not really sure of what she was doing though I remembered sneaking a glance to her laptop and saw her editing some of their Techno files.)

DEPARTURE. It was already 8:00 pm when the security guard told us that by 8:30 we should leave the place or transfer to Gazebo instead. Time flies and by 8:45, the security guard came back and made some obvious gestures of making us leave. We fixed our things and left the lounge.

I don’t know exactly why Jenny thought of walking our way to MCDOnalds, Bajada (the venue she suggested for our dinner) aside from the fact that we were still not hungry by the moment and by doing such will lead us to hunger. LOL. I agreed anyway and we started walking while talking about boys (that covers those who were pretty much involved in our lives these days, someone from the past, etc.) Well, it was purely sharing our experiences with those “boys” and attached were our little advices and opinions. It’s not about gossips or negative impositions over them, just to be clear. :P Later on, she started complaining that she’s already tired and we should ride a cab when all the while we were already few steps to our destination. (How witty of you Jen!LOL.)

ARRIVAL AT MCDO.We find a vacant seat and sat down immediately. Yes! We felt tired knowing that we were bringing with us our laptops at the same time. She asked me to order for us and treated me a SUNDAE icecream (She just got her pay from work, the fruit of her labor :P Thanks jen!) BTW, before we entered Mcdo, our topic was speaking in English and she confessed that she speaks poorly in English of which I opposed. So while eating ,we decided to speak in English that became a reason for laughing. A lot of times we were halting our words or sentences that made us sound so funny. I even told her that we should start speaking in English by the beginning of 2nd semester so that we’ll get fluent and better in speaking in English.

THE GIST OF THE STORY. I enjoyed the night and I enjoyed spending it with Jenny.

AND TO JENNY. A million thanks for the company not only for tonight but for all the days we’ve been together. I may not have told you but I’m really glad to have you as my partner for OJT and for saving me from doing our progress reports. Thanks for the advices! (Not to touch my face by my filthy hands, justifying my blog entries, etc ) I’m learning a lot from you!promise. And I believe God will always reward your hard works! So, continue your passion and smile from time to time. :P I’ll surely miss you best. See you then!


  1. grabeh mura man sad mug dli na mu magkita.. lol! hahaha!

    tsk3.. sayang I should have stayed and spent time with you pero I already made a commitment.. next time nlng!:p

  2. that night could have been a lot more special with the three of us together.. char!

    well thanks for the cheetos yang! i think that was the reason why we were not yet hungry when we went to MCDO.

  3. haha! buti nlng at medyo busog kayo para konti nlng binili niyo sa mcdo.. nkatawa ko atung nag jeep pa mi mski duol na lang ang mcdo! LOL!:))

  4. Wow! I should have not left earlier. Haha. Well, that was a girl bonding anyway and boy-talks. Hahah.:P Friend, happy trip. Enjoy your vacation and the company of your family and old friends. :)

  5. @Lloyd: same with yang2, it could have been more fun with all of us together. The more the merrier! :p

    Yes! I'll surely enjoy the week. You too!