Wednesday, October 21, 2009

First Time Voter?

I am 19. Therefore, it’s legally okay to be married, to drink liquors inside those restricted bars demanding people to be above 18 or watch R18 films. Haha. But that’s not my point or my interest for this time being. I wanted to stress out that aside from these so-called legal dispensations (though nuisances for some) attached with having the age of 18 and beyond, there are more other imperative things I am (or YOU) entitled of. Things I am more capable of doing and worth-mentioning at present.

"I am very much qualified now to register for elections! (the first step in exercising my right to suffrage!)" - Now that’s what I’m pertaining of.

Conversely, I am finally registered (Oct. 19, 2009) :) Thanks to Uncle Bo, for accompanying me and my brother to COMELEC.

And it’s very easy I tell you.

First, bring an ID with you (your school ID will be enough or any type of ID that could be used for validation purposes). At the COMELEC office, you will be given out a form (3 copies) to fill up. Afterwards, you returned the filled up form to the officer-in-charge and with her as witness, you will sign the said form. It will be forwarded to another member of staff who’s assigned to input the stated information on the database. Your name will be called to take your picture and your digital signature required in preparing your voter’s id. The next step will be the replication of your thumb and index finger’s mark completed digitally as well. You will also have it done manually afterwards.

Then that’s it, you’re done and registered. An acknowledgment receipt will be handed over to you that signify the completion of registration.


We keep on saying we want change in our government and we want progress for our country but this boils down with the motivation of choosing the right leaders for the position. Therefore, every vote counts. You can only vote when you’re registered! It legitimates us for voting the leaders we believe will make a change and lead us to progress. Well, CHANGE AND PROGRESS do not solely depend on choosing the right leaders but it is also about us, working together to make things and changes happen.

Well, I will be a first time voter come this 2010 elections and I know my SINGLE VOTE counts. Registration, by the way will be until October 31, 2009.

P.S. In preparation as well for the coming elections, let us be vigilant at all times and be engaged in electoral engagements being done in school or in our respective communities. We should take time in knowing the candidates, their platforms and their means of solving the problems we wanted to be addressed. Let’s also check one’s credibility and capacity of doing so. Let’s not tolerate promises being broken again and again! Fellow FILIPINOS, WE LOVE PHILIPPINES! Let the mistakes of past administrations and the calamities that had happened be adequate reasons and lessons for moving forward on making things better. Let’s all be DRIVEN to make things happen, to make things change for the better of us all! "MABUHAY ANG PILIPINAS!" (Long live Philippines!)


  1. Hi , thanx for your nice words ,pray is the best thing that we need right now.saw ur post ,I am glad that u feel exited about being an adult legally , it comes with lot of responsibilities .
    God bless you. Take care

  2. Yeah everybody should vote. Well done for having registered.

  3. hello i got an award from one of my friend according to the rules i have to forward it to my favorites,and you also come in them, plz come and accept your award

  4. Kristine: Thanks for your kind comment on my blog. Just wondering how you happened to come across my blog? I have a 19 year old daughter, turning 20 on Oct.31. It was nice to read some of your posts too. God bless. Joyce