Wednesday, October 7, 2009


It's 1:09 am in my clock when I thought of visiting my friend's (Jenny) blog. I go over her page and read some of her blogs again. I had fun though some notes were heartbreaking.

Jenny, one of my treasured friends is a very good writer and I truly admire her for that. Reading her blogs moved me. Indeed, I was inspired... I was inspired to write. :)

Well, I just thought that writing about one's experiences or writing about your opinion on certain issues or topics would be great. And so when you get old, you will remember those things:) especially memories that are to be cherished!

I am not really good in writing. But this time, I wanted to share my own story (as well as my thoughts and point of view on issues, events, etc.) and in one way or another improve my writing skills too!

Just a thought: "FIRST time experiences will always be memorable... I believe!" Can't wait to write and reminisce my first time experiences. (Sounds exciting!)

Well this is another FIRST BLOG!