Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Funny encounters with TAREX

Whenever Sir Rex Rola (Philosophy teacher/SAMAHAN Moderator) and I will have an unexpected encounter, there will always be a TWIST. Often odd and funny.

Take this case for instance.

As the Secretary-general of the student council, I am responsible of informing the officers including him about our meetings. I should indicate the agenda, venue (though always the same) and TIME. But on one email I sent (@yahoogroups) regarding our Friday meeting, I unconsciously made a mistake of indicating the time. Instead of a 9:00 PM meeting, I specified it as 9:00 AM. I did not realize such mistake only when Jazi (SSE Rep) texted me that Sir Rola came to the office at 9:00 am or even earlier. Jazi stated also that Sir Rola was surprised seeing no one but only her. She even emphasized that Sir Rola hurried his way to school just to be present in our meeting. He missed his breakfast too. I was worried! I even wished of not seeing him that day. When I arrived at around 10:30 am to school, our paths crossed surprisingly. I thought I would see him furious for my being careless and I also thought of crying infront of him for being sorry for such mistake. Well, he was very cool when we started talking. It turned out to be a funny petty mistake. I swore to him that I will be a lot cautious and mindful of my notes next time :p He just said: “KRISTINE, YOU OWE ME BREAKFAST ! *laughs* I was relieved!

Another time was when I went back to school after my OJT. I was walking my way to Claveria gate while he on the other hand was about to go home. He caught my attention and then I asked him “Where are you going sir?” and he answered: “I will go home ”. And then I asked again “So, you‘re not going to attend tonight’s meeting sir?” He replied: “I will eat first and go back to school for the meeting”. I don’t remember exactly how the conversation went afterwards that I ended up going with him to his home to have dinner. I might have told him to treat me or I volunteered myself to join him without his consent or he offered to have dinner to his house and I agreed instantly.LOL. I ate (I was so full after eating. Thank you sir!), saw his amazing library and borrowed a book (Now and Forever by Ray Bradbury). Best word to describe me that night: SUPER THICK-FACED! *laughs*

And just today, we met along the corridor and he asked me for updates from our previous meeting. I quickly told him about BUKLOD and who will be SAMAHAN’s representatives this year. After that, we went to the Dean’s office and he copied some of my movies. We had some few talks about external hard drive, cost of his LCD monitor, why he went to Bohol, etc. Out of the blue, he asked me this question: “Favorite color?” Then I replied: “Ahmm. GREEN……….GREEN, RED and VIOLET!” He laughed. Too many colors :P . Then there was this VIOLET TARSIER KEYCHAIN he threw over me! He bought it from BOHOL
Thank you sir!

Unexpected encounters... I so love it!


  1. hala ka... funny man tung 9am oi.. LOL!:))

  2. @yang: I can't help but still smile everytime I will remember such experience. Well, it's a reminder to be mindful of what we write or say! :)

  3. hi kring, napadpad lang ako bigla sa blog mo haha

    awww, sir tarex will always be one of the coolest professors I've met in my entire life. Not because he has this ability to make students feel comfortable around him but rather because he is the embodiment of what a real teacher should be. I don't know if other students have noticed it but he teaches even when he isn't in the classroom. Maski kanang simple lang na storyahanay or joke2x,naa jud nay makuha na lesson in life or kund di man, random facts. haha. Kanang tipo na paghuman gud sa usapan kay maingon jud nimo na dili waste of time tong oras na nagstorya mo.

    I'm really grateful to be a student of his maski isa ka sem lang.