Sunday, October 25, 2009


Hanging out with some of my highschool friends even for two days was REAL FUN. I only met few of them (Some we’re still in Davao, some were not yet done in school while others simply can’t be reached). I wished I could stay longer so I could have more time to bond with them. I’m not celebrating Christmas at Alabel this year, thus losing the opportunity of seeing them too. So sad.

Anyway so much for cheerless thinking!

First STOP = Robinson Mall. It’s the newly opened mall in General Santos City. We roamed around as what we usually do, and exchange thoughts about school, our college life, requirements, graduation and the like. It’s somewhat astounding to know that most of us are already graduating. We just can’t imagine how fast time flies. We reminisced some moments together in highschool that made us giggle in laughter. Highschool days will always have a special place in my heart (I believe to most people too).

Second STOP = KCC Mall of Gensan. We’ll forever love this mall. Prices for food and commodities are still fairly low and sensible. We’re practical buyers by the way. There were only three of us (Pretty, Lester and I)then when we ate two double pizza, two chicken strips, two nachos, softdrinks, lasagna and pearl shakes at Greenwich. Gluttony? Ooops sort of contradicting also of being practical buyers.LOLS. The exciting part on our stay at the mall is playing like kids once more at Worlds of Fun. Playing crazy hoops (basketball) and pang pang paradise (throwing balls on targets on the touch screen) is quite strenuous but really enjoyable!

Hoarded tickets were exchanged for “AKO MISMO” barges/bar pins and some candies. We had so much fun watching VICE GANDA too. His "horsy" actions and tremendous punch lines made me pee in hilarity (just kidding). He/She (both. haha) sings well too and I can’t help admire him/her. I was laughing out loud the entire time. I would love to watch his/her shows again. Yeah! Vice Ganda Rocks! Indeed, doing stuffs like these with friends are truly incomparable. I just love it! I arrived home 11:30 pm and it was too late, I know.

Third STOP = Gaisano Mall. The mall is just the same. We enjoyed touring around furniture and fixtures department, acting as if we will buy some. Plans for Christmas were brought up that sounds exciting! (To them. Haha. Bitter? LOL) I hope it will be FUN ofcourse.

Priscilla, Lester, Argenel, Deo and Oliver, thanks for spending time with me and to Jamilyn, Joyce and Mae-Ann, it was good to have short talks with you as well.

To all my highschool classmates, I miss you a lot. Maybe I’ll see most of you by March. MWAH!

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