Thursday, October 8, 2009

Mon Adviento HERE!

Mind you people... Case in point... What is critical...

These were some of the remarkable words of our Operations Management (Prodman) professor, Engr. Ramon Adviento. He is frank, stout and outstandingly brainy!

I never imagined how time flies so fast that I just realized that I’m almost over this semester as today is our last day of class for the subject (it goes the same with Theology and Philosophy). I just realized that there were so many things that transpired during the semester and I would love to recall some of the memorable happenings in class:

1. GROUP REPORTS. My groupmates were Winky, Ryan, RJ and Jan Paul. Well, it was quite taxing researching for information regarding operations (including the product planning, quality control and forecasting) of certain companies that are mostly foreign to us. What makes it a bit burden as well, is the uncertainty that we have not read and gathered the necessary data our professor might ask us for the Q & A portion (Right Jen?) most especially if that is a mining company which is an industry he belongs. Anyhow, all efforts were paid off (though I would admit at times we no longer deserved it) after getting a grade of 100 for our 1st report about BHP Billiton Iron Sea Trade, a grade of 95 for our 2nd report regarding Shell Athabasca Sand Oil Operations and another 100 for our last report regarding 3M. Don’t be too impressed, our reports were not that exceptional. My classmates would agree that Sir Adviento was quite generous to us in terms of grades. For that, THANK YOU SIR!

2. PALM READING SESSION. Who could ever forget Diana’s destiny of not being loyal or for RJ’s case to be an underwear collector (hidden meaning or Bruce’s bright future for having a consistent wealth line. Everyone enjoyed that day! My destiny: STRONGLY INLOVE, NOT LOYAL, WORKING PERSON, FINANCIALLY STABLE and GOOD HEALTH LINE! Not bad at all. Lesson learned: It is still in our own decisions that will define our future. So, no more worries Maris and Suppie for any health problems in the future as your destiny will tell you. We can do something after all! Again thank you Sir for reminding us to do something before certain bad things will hit us and to strive for more to achieve our goals in life.

3. ADVICES. Sir Adviento: “Ikaw Diana kailangan mo ng asawa na makikinig sayo. Madada ka kasi!” (Diana, you will need a husband who will listen to you. It is because you’re very talkative) Sir Adviento: “Ikaw Kristine, pumunta ka sa Europe. Marami kang madadali dun!” (Kristine, go to Europe. You’ll get as many guys there). Again, thanks for those advices! Point taken sir!
Woah! It seems most of our time were spent on exchanging advices and the like. I may be not able to discuss well in details certain operation management terms or concepts but practical application and thinking like a manager are things I can do somehow! Still, I learned something!

Just wanted to quote some few last words from our professor:

“Your future looks bright. The decisions you will be making will define YOU.

… And for you girls, CHOOSE WISELY! I hope that once you decide you will decide with your heart and your mind acting together.

…What is more critical is COMPANIONSHIP!

… Keep the lord at the back of your mind. Everything you do will reflect upon you, your family and your total upbringing. ”

Thank you sir!


  1. i like that part where he sounds like a pastor to me...most of the time we see him as someone so serious and full of stories (the naughty ones) and hearing him say those words somehow touched each and everyone of us.:D

  2. I agree.His parting words for us were truly inspiring. :)

  3. Hi ogs! thanks for visiting! Well, it was a great sem with sir adviento.. :)