Monday, October 12, 2009

On my way home...

Early this morning, we had our Technopreneurship Business Plan defense. Finally, it’s over! *Sigh* Quite a relief indeed! Though it’s pleasing to know that it is over and done, we still have to do some refinements for the documents and submit other required papers for the subject. In short: “one project down, more to go- (documents, networking, OJT requirements, philo exam, etc.)!” The defense ended at around 2pm and we (IM4 girls with Morny) ate lunch at KFC, Gaisano mall. We had so much fun talking about PBB latest updates, Enchong Dy, Coco Martin and many more. The sudden brown-out serves as a signal for us to go back to school. At school, I edited our business plan document and then I went home. (Sorry Yang and Jenny for leaving earlier). I was alone and it doesn’t matter. All I wanted is to have some rest since it has been three straight nights that I felt like being restrained of getting a good and sound sleep. I was also excited to go home since I will be able to catch up the TV shows (DMII and PBB) I missed watching. :P

I decided to pass through the Church (@ Redemptorist) first before I walk my way home. I said my prayers of thanks very shortly. After doing so, I went outside. I brought out my umbrella as it started drizzling and two kids suddenly approached me. I thought they will just beg again for some coins. I was already used of meeting kids at the church saying “Piso Te.. Ipalit nako ug pan ,te”(Give me a peso. I’ll buy a bread). But this time it was different. They shared with my umbrella and I agreed anyway since they’re going home as well. We’re taking the same path home, I presumed. While walking together, I asked them some questions like “Gaskwela mo?” (Are you studying?) One of the kids answered proudly “Siyempre eh, gaskwela pud mi” (Ofcourse we do. We’re also studying) . I laugh quietly for an answer said so conceited. I was a bit embarrassed of asking such question. :P And then I asked again, “Ngano man mo gapangayo ug piso beh?” (Why are you begging for money then?)The same kid answered and told me “Para naa pud mi balon ugma” (So that we’ll have some pocket money for tomorrow’s school). I reflected silently. The intention was good. The three of us had an exchange of questions and answers. I was already nearby my place when I realized that they intended to accompany me until I reach home. Such a sweet gesture! I truly appreciate. Thanks Jobert (grade 4) and Francis (grade 2) for the company! I was not all alone after all.

It’s a tiring day. I’m pretty exhausted. But thanks kids for making my day. A company from strangers is not that bad at all.

Time to sleep then! ZZzzzzzzzzzzzzz........

P.S Thanks and Congrats to my groupmates (Cyrus, RJ and Ryan) and all the rest of my classmates in TECHNO. You deserve some rest too!


  1. Heheh. I find this blog as similar to my Not A Lonely Day After All blog. Hehehe. Well, I am happy you had taken rest na jud. And.... CONGRATULATIONS! One more sem! Weee! :) It's BITTERSWEET, though. And you have to look forward the December homecoming of MoonLight. Heheh. :P

  2. I had enough rest which feels good but then again i missed watching pbb and dmii. lol :P Yah, I hope to see moonlight too.

    CONGRATULATIONS to us.. one more SEM to go! but i hope our last sem together will be not that fast. Less pressures and MEMORABLE! :)

  3. don't miss pbb this night kring..exciting things will come and some confrontations and rob is super gorgeous...i wish to have him..hahahaha!

  4. @jenny: i'll surely not miss tonight's episode. I'm not sleeping yet. Finally, I'll see other new faces in the house. I'll also check if Rob is really gorgeous. :P

  5. what a nice experience..:D

    rob?? dli man ko gwapohan sa iya oi.. mas gwapohan ko kay tom.. LOL!

  6. hi i find your blog simple and live.all contents are so beautiful and touching keep sharing your thoughts with us

  7. @baili: hello! its nice to know that other people got to visit my site and appreciate the things i am writing about! thanks!