Thursday, October 15, 2009

Savoring the last days of 1st sem

Nothing compares when you’re with these people

Whom I really treasure, love and care for

Today was filled with FUN and LAUGHTERS

Taking pictures with high hopes of more memories together …

Kimberly Dawn Yuste, Diana Marie Lee and Jenny Lucille Gallegos: Thanks for this day! I love you so much! I hope Winky Lawrence So was with us too.. More more memories for sure. :p


  1. wow! indeed it was a fun and laughter-filled day.. same here! hope to share and build more memories with you guys! stay happy!:D

  2. well, atleast i came to appreciate the web cam in my laptop. lol :P but seriously speaking, it was really fun. i remembered hephep hooray and the graduation song,plus a christmas song playing in my i-tunes as we were taking these pictures.That was funny! I think this is just an effect of the hot weather a while ago! We look desperate in some of our pictures.hahaha

  3. hahaha! true! but i think the heat helped us look better in a sense that it made us look like we placed moisturizer on our faces and cheek tint as well because our faces were also blushing.. haha! it was really fun! hahaha! i can't help but laugh and smile whenever i think about it.. especially the short-hair part! effort kaau ta! LOL! <--nahutdan ug english! lol!:))

  4. i super agree with you. the short hair part was really funny. we're like crazy :P

  5. LOL. I'm so proud of yang2x for doing her best to speak in straight english. You deserved a CLAP2X. :) Heheh. Well, I SAW YOU GUYS! Hahah. :P Next time, I want to join you. Heheh. :)

  6. @lloyd: Yah join us next time! That would be great..