Sunday, October 18, 2009


I saw on facebook a "sembreak to-do list" made by Maris (one of my claimed daughters at school) and thought of having my own listing for the entire week of my stay here in Alabel. I just arrived around 9:45 pm. Again, my mother was worried because it was already too late. I have the same opinion that it was no longer safe in our town during nighttime considering we also have fewer lights on highways. Sorry mom.

Anyway, I want this week to be worthwhile and be able to catch up with my beloved friends and family whom I miss so much. So, here’s my list:

1. Pamper myself. Have enough rest!
2. EAT. EAT. EAT. I really miss eating REAL FOODS, and I mean not the usual noodles, fried and canned stuffs.
3. REGISTER for election. I felt guilty for the past electoral activities we had been doing at school like engaging the youth to register and all the while I’m not yet registered. I’m positive that within this week, I will be a registered first time voter. Weee! I’m excited.
4. Assist my little brother for his exams this week.
5. Visit my friend Daniela. She just lost her little angel. It makes me sad to remember what had happened to her baby.
6. Hang-out with my highschool friends. I miss them a lot.
7. Stopover to ROBINSON, Gensan. It’s our newest mall in the city. I’d better drop by as well to its neighboring malls such as Gaisano and KCC.
8. MOVIE MARATHON! Thanks Jen, for the new movies.
9. Watch my favorite primetime bida shows : DMII and PBB (addict mode)
10. Prepare ahead the needed materials for BUKLOD ATENISTA. It will be on Oct.27-30 at Zamboanga.
11. Bonding moments with my brother and lil’ bro.
12. Help my mom on household chores. We don’t have a maid by the way.
13. Play with my little cousins. I might be a baby sitter too which is fine anyway.
14. Prepare the authorization letter for enrollment. Thanks ahead to yang2.
15. Play plant vs zombies and take my daily dosage of yahoomail, gmail, facebook, blogging, surfing the net, etc. Be ONLINE.

This would be a perfect time to reconnect with old friends and loveones and a time to give myself a rest from the stressful and work-loaded days of the 1st semester. I believe this would be a good opportunity also to evaluate my performance at school as well as the responsibilities I am holding. I hope my classmates and friends will also enjoy their short vacation. WE deserve a BREAK! I also pray that we all get good grades and that our teachers will be considerate and generous at the same time. :p



  1. hello thanx for beautiful words, i am so Glad for u that u r so attached with people around u and u r lucky to find great surroundings thank to God for that .God bless u.take care

  2. Yes! We DESERVE a break. :) Enjoy your Alabel stay and the Buklod Atenista. :)

  3. @baili: i will forever be thankful for all the blessings God has given me. I believe you're blessed too! Continue inspiring others. take care!

  4. @lloyd: AMEN!!! we really deserve this break.. i wish you'll have fun too!