Saturday, October 10, 2009

Will you take the Aboitiz One Million Trees Challenge?

“YES! I took the Aboitiz one million trees challenge!”

I remembered receiving an email last September 15, 2009 regarding the Aboitiz Annual Groupwide Tree Planting. The primary goal is to plant one million trees on October 10, 2009 which will be done simultaneously across all business groups of Aboitiz Group of Companies – as other business units nationwide will also have their respective tree planting movements on that very day. I was very eager to be involved in such endeavor as I realized how important it is to plant trees these days due to climate changes and happenings in our country. I know Davao City is far from experiencing typhoons but still we need to preserve and sustain our nature. I sent immediately a confirmation that I will join the said activity. I said to myself: “GO! I will take the challenge! “

OCT. 10-THE CHALLENGE BEGINS. Due to so much enthusiasm despite the pressures from school projects, I reported early (6:45 am) at Davao Light, Ponciano Branch. I immediately recognized Ate Kiara who is an alumna of the school and a fellow Aboitiz Future Leaders Business Summit participant. Well, I was really happy to know that we belong to the same group color- GREEN! (GO GREEN TEAM!) I also assisted in distributing food chits for the participants. It was a very blue day as all of us were wearing the blue shirt with the tag-line: “I take the Aboitiz one million trees challenge”. The following Aboitiz business segments and groups were also there to join the said activity such as Hedcor, 2Go, Union Bank, Aboitiz Transport System, Aboitiz Equity Ventures, Davao Light and Aboitiz Future Business Leaders Summit (where I belong). Aldwin, a fellow Atenean also took part to the said event along with his fellow AFLBS participants such as Jade and Sonny (from UP Min) and Sarah (UM). It was nice meeting you guys! And together we planted trees (tugas and mangroves) at Punta Dumalag, Matina Aplaya.

Just a few trivias about Punta Dumalag and why is it the area chosen for the tree planting activity:
1. Punta Dumalag is an area here in Davao that is known as the turtle sanctuary (Well, I saw four turtles there :) )
2. The water in Punta Dumalag is part of the marine protected area here in Davao City.
3. Trees were needed in the area to restore the biodiversity of the place.
4. Punta Dumalag is roughly nine hectares and that includes the foreshore area (It’s quite big and the view as you are fronting the sea is truly invigorating! I tell you.)

It was fun having such experience. You get the chance to deal with other people, you make new friends, and you take many pictures and eat for free as well.

It was definitely fulfilling also to be involved in an environmental project which I find very noble in nature. I personally recommend the continuation of this kind of project which will truly help our environment. And for my fellow youth out there, if ever there will be tree planting movements like this, let us grab the opportunity and show our love and care for our environment. Please join us in prayers that all that we’ve planted will grow and be of help in restoring biodiversity in that place.

So, will you take the challenge too?

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