Sunday, October 25, 2009


“When you say YES to things, you embrace the possible. You gobble up all of life’s energies and you excrete the waste”

If you’re a YES MAN, you embrace this philosophy!

Carl (Jim Carrey), the main character in the film says NO to life. He keeps ignoring phone calls, declines all loans presented before him, avoids parties and the like. He keeps making excuses to people around him and even to himself. Then one day he was invited by his friend to this so called “YES” program where you’re life will totally diverge by saying YES to every opportunity that comes your way. He tried his luck and pursued the program. True enough, saying YES to everything and anything made his life startlingly better. It brought out so much delight and good fortune. But eventually, life for him was never like a smooth sailing; some things got worse leading to his own despair. Saying YES even if he knew he never wanted to do it got him too much trouble. Just like Allison (Zooey Deschanel), his new girlfriend, who can’t trust him anymore after knowing that he just says YES because he has to. He (me too) eventually realized that:

YES! It was wrong to always say YES without even thinking about it or if it’s against one’s will.
YES! One should not let an opportunity to pass by and say YES when you mean it.
YES! We should also say YES, not because it’s out of obligation or there's a covenant telling us to do so BUT because we knew in our hearts that we wanted it and then we should grab it, do it and let it happen.

On the side of my coast, there had been a couple of times that I should have said YES but I repudiated to do so. I know I want it, but my fears keep on prevailing over my desires. I sometimes think too much and over analyze things so negatively. I’m so afraid to risk and end up crying (So pessimistic indeed). Even though I know life is all about taking risks. I sometimes find it hard to compromise my conflicting ideals, principles, priorities and wants. I care about what people say and think; leading me to say NO even if I know I wanted it in my heart. Maybe because of my fears or maybe wanting is not yet enough to say YES or I’m really uncertain of how I feel (Is that really confusing or it’s just really me who’s making things complicated? I bet it’s ME! haha). This sounds foolish, I think I’m somehow living life like on what they called “closed off little box” being too much engrossed by my ideals which every so often sucks. I know people would be relaying to me these same lines of Jim Carrey saying “Wake up! You’re missing out the little thing called LIFE ”. A friend once told me, thinking is good but over-thinking doesn’t help.

AGAIN YES! YES! YES! I accept it as true. I missed a lot of chances already.
I’m still accumulating the audacity to face LIFE and the wisdom to still make it right. Then by then I’ll be a YES WOMAN too. *crossed-fingers*

P.S. I quote this from the movie too “The world’s a playground, you know it when you’re kid, but somewhere along the way everyone forget it”- Sounds true right?


  1. Don't be too cautious. Fight for what you love. I learned something just recently--don't be afraid to experience things. If you get hurt, don't despair at least you won't die asking yourself "What IF?". But yes, you don't need to experience everything. If it's really wrong, then better not do it. Follow your heart though. Sometimes it is more logical to follow it. :)

  2. @lloyd: I appreciate this a lot. hearing this words from you makes me feel like we still share things together and exchange advices too. i miss those times. :) thanks for being my friend always and forever.