Saturday, November 21, 2009

November 21

Happy 2nd anniversary!

I can’t imagine that this day could have been our second anniversary as a couple. It was an exceedingly strange relationship for it was only ME who knew about it. It was a one-sided admiration/ LOVE(?) right from the start. I started admiring you ever since I was in first year college. You were my first crush in college: MOONLIGHT. You were the reason that I almost forgot that I had someone special back when I was in highschool. You were like the man of my dreams, real yet a million miles away. It was as if you were everything on my checklist that made it more fascinating:

1. Good-looking
2. Not so tall yet taller than I do and not so old
3. Clean and has style (Smells good that I’d love to hug you often)
4. White or lighter complexion than I do
5. Responsible
6. Smart and creative
7. No vices. (No drinking. No smoking)
8. Disciplined
9. Has a sense of humor (I assume)
10. Wise and passionate… blah blah blah

But sometimes you look intimidating and very silent too. It doesn’t matter to me then as I remember many times during 1st year when Jeff and I were like stalkers following your way as you go downstairs. I look forward every General Assembly of Class presidents so that I’ll get the chance to see you. Being class presidents made us acquaintances back then and sometimes you’ll smile at me whenever our paths crossed. I was very happy! My heart keeps on racing when you’re around. Things eventually got a little more special (Well, FOR ME merely) when I turned second year. Another friend Lloyd and some girl friends knew that you were as if my so-called “ultimate” crush that they became bridges, helping me out to get closer to you and know you more somehow. It was crazy but indeed so FUN at the same time. I can’t help smile whenever you’re around or just the thought of you. You inspire me! You make me happy and turn like blushing! I decided that I have to be more aggressive so that you’re last year in school would be meaningful to me at least. Yep! kinda selfish motivation! LOL. You were already graduating that time and all I wanted is that you’ll know me and I get to be in touch with you. NO MORE NO LESS! And one night on November, November 21, 2007 to be exact. Lloyd, Jeff and I were on our way home and decided to pass along Roxas gate. While walking ahead towards Claveria, Jeff said “Kring, look! MOONLIGHT!!”. And yes, it was you with another man talking about something while facing the side road. Well, I was more contented already of seeing you that night but God has been so gracious. While waiting for the traffic light to change to red so that we can pass through the pedestrian, Lloyd and Jeff were facing your way observing you at the same time while I was facing the other way laughing in delight of seeing you. Then they started saying that you were already approaching us which made my heart beat sort of unusual. And just as if everything was perfect and meant to happen, immediately after Lloyd and Jeff turned their backs, I looked back very timely that our eyes met. You smiled and waved at me. Again, I PROMISE and I swear to GOD that what I say is TRUE. You smiled and waved at me (I just love to reiterate such fact). The smile and wave that truly made my heart melt. This sounds foolish, but that’s how I felt back that time. It was an overwhelming joy and as if my heart is being tickled all along. I keep on repeating the things that had happened wishing if I could just pause and play or rewind and play everything. That marked the beginning of a more driven ME of getting closer to you and the special day of the month I will always celebrate and commit to my memory.

Eventually we became chatmates because I copied your email-address on the GACP List since I was part of the EXECOM-Secretariat Committee and used the GACP matters as initial move to talk about. Then I would send a group message through chat or text but the real thing is, I ONLY SEND IT TO YOU. How sweet right? Hahaha.I always try to think about topics I could say just to start chatting with you like your teacher in psychology who scolded us because we were noisy, why you were not present during the leadership training, what can you say about this CS teacher, etc etc. TACTICS as many would term it. I did become very creative and insistent indeed! Lloyd would even include my name always on your conversations through chats and Diana would even squeeze information about your family through Tita Lourdes who was your mother’s classmate too. That made me giggle in laughter sounding so desperate just for you to notice me and very engaged to know you further. In one conversation we had in chat, I even used my English book review project which lead you to lend me your book entitled “The Spellbinder’s Gift” by Og Mandino who was your favorite author too. (BTW, it was a great inspirational book.) I felt like exploding in so much bliss of being able to get closer to you one way or another. I even saved most of our chat conversations and proudly present them to my closest friends and your two text messages December of that year were saved for about a year and some months in my phone. That’s how spellbinding you are to me. Haha. The most unforgettable of all things that had happened is when you became one of my 18 roses of which something I thought would be so impossible. My college friends manage to SURPRISE me more when after computer laboratory as I was already leading my way to center lounge, you stand from where you were seating and handed me over my 11th red rose. My SMILE just went over ears. In my heart I am crying, not only because of you but how very close friends of mine made it possible and truly special. To my friends, my infinite thanks for a birthday truly unexpected and heartwarming and to moonlight my earnest gratitude for the effort of doing it for me who in fact you don’t even know personally. It feels like HEAVEN.

Again, thank you MOONLIGHT for coming to my life. I can say beyond doubt that because of you, I had enough reasons to smile and be happy. You’re one of the reasons I look forward in going to school. You said “silent water runs deep”.That's how I can best describe you. You told me I have an admiring and amazing disposition that I tend to show my happiness. Such comments made me think that you also take glances of me from time to time for you to have said all these. Flattering in a way! You were even one of the reasons I run as CS Representative ( moonlight: GO KRING! -@ym) and why I was so motivated to make the Seniors Night very exceptional. You reminded me that “Education is only the door to opportunities. Optimism is the key to success” -a proof of your very positive paradigm. Such made me think highly of you more! You made a part of my college life really worth remembering. Feeling crazy about you was never that bad. You were a true inspiration as you leave my lips with smiles all the time. You did a big contribution why I do well in school in some ways. Thank you.

Well, I HAD TO MOVE ON. I even had some candle lighting ritual that was a sign of ME moving on WITHOUT YOU. It happened just this year also on the same spot where you smiled and waved at me. [weird, pathetic. Name it! I'll surely agree. LOL] Moreover, whenever I would see you online or just this past days when we had some few chats, some memories flash back and it makes me smile.

I just miss you …moonlight…

P.S. I owe to GOD and to my good friends these over-enthusiastic experiences and heart pounding moments with you-Moonlight. :)


  1. wow! ang haba! haha! wla pa nko nabasa!:))

  2. kring, ipabasa nko ni kay moonlight.. hahaha.. i link nko sa FB.. lol

  3. Hahah. Ipabasa btaw ni kay ML friend. :))

  4. NO!!!!!!!!!!! so obvious..... please!! hehehe