Monday, November 9, 2009

Status comment

I really don’t know if that message goes for me. (I don't want to be assuming in the first place) You once said that the songs we pick are sometimes reflection of what we really feel and just in case, you ask me the same question or if it was really intended for me to answer. Then better you should know:

I will not ask you to stay. I will not ask you to give up.

All I can do is to give you the chance to win my heart of which in many ways I know you’ve passed.

I like you. In my heart, its how I feel.

Once in while, inconsistent, confusing but definitely an out of this world, out of the ordinary feeling. *laughs*

A lot of people would even think we we’re already together as lovers. We’re not …but I will claim we’re close.

You’re my friend and you’ll always be dear to me. And it feels good to know we are friends even before things went differently special.

You make me happy (smile, laugh, giggle)! Almost most of the time.

But I’m still scared at times and please don’t get me wrong. I still have my fears and conflicting ideals but I’m gradually fighting it. I’m improving. I am positive that I do.

But the thing here is I’m not ready for the commitment, I know I cannot fully attest yet for this time being.

God knows how much happiness you’ve brought me and how much learning you’ve shared to me. I can’t thank you enough.

Well…TIME… I still need time. To think, to reflect, to measure to what extent I can give , to see if I am more than willing to concede my
NBSB -NO Boyfriend since birth status, to get myself ready and eventually grow in a relationship.

How long? I’m not really certain.

All I can promise is that I will be real to you. :)

And I’ll make you laugh too! LOL :P
*cross my heart*


  1. Like!

    It's better to be true and be not driven by emotions immdediately. Yeah. Time will tell. It's ok if you don't go into a new relationship yet as long you're not destroying what relationship you have now with that person. :)

  2. @lloyd: LIKE ---facebook?? hahaha

    thanks friend. I wanted to share things like this with you too. i miss the old times. :) I appreciate the thought of you, taking time to read my entries.Thanks for sharing your insights :)mwah

  3. grabeh naman tong post na toh!?
    i'm really happy for u teh because you are happy! just remember that we (your friends) will always be there to support you in all your
    endeavors. Go go go!!

  4. @jeff: Thanks teh. I just love what you said. Friends like you are treasures I will forever value. :)

  5. wow naman :) God bless you BOTH kring :). hahaha. i am happy for you :)

  6. @michael: everything is still uncertain! thanks mik! :)