Sunday, December 6, 2009

Spill of being pathetic

I hate feeling like I’m alone when definitely I know a lot of people care and it’s me who keeps myself away. I hate it when I wanted to tell something but I refused to do so. I just think and feel like being not worth it. I hate it when I keep restraining myself of what I really feel because I’m afraid of what people think and the constant consideration if this is still right. I hate it when I feel like exploding of reasons I don’t know that keeps my heart heavy and peculiar. I hate it when tears just keep on falling and I end up with heavy eyes and colds. I hate it when my heart says I’m jealous but then my mind says I should not. I hate it when I miss them and I just can’t say I do. I hate it when I wanted them to be near me, but I don’t ask the favor because that would be too much. I hate it when I wanted somebody's company but at the same time I don’t want to give them my pain. I hate pretending that I am strong as I don’t want people I love be affected and be worried. I hate it when I know what I should really do but I remain the same. I hate it that I’m crying now. It’s just pathetic. Grrrr..


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  2. it's good to know that we have a God who would LOVE to take all these hatred away:)

  3. i have faith in HIM. well this is just a pathetic moment in my life.hehe. not a big deal. :)

  4. I hate it when I miss them and I just can’t say I do.

    baka him.:))

  5. Hala! May ganito pala friend. Haaay. I have been out na jud sa blog world. Well, I know you are very happy now. :D I'll keep on reading. Sorry sa mga late replies saung entries. Heheh.

    We give reasons because it comforts us. It makes us feel that what we are doing is right. But again, you should not suppress your feelings. You should be real to what you feel. But there are things that we have to keep to ourselves. Just know what to share and what not to share. And we are just here to listen when you need ears. :D Miss you, friend. See u soon. :D