Sunday, March 21, 2010


Ateneo de Davao University Commencement Exercises March 20, 2010

BS Information Management
Class 2010 Salutatorian
Division Awardee

Rev. Fr. Antonio S. Samson of the Society of Jesus, President of Ateneo de Davao University; Rev. Fr. Jose Cecilio Magadia of the Society of Jesus, Superior of the Philippine Province of the Society of Jesus; Mr. Paul Dominguez, Chairman of the Board of Trustees; members of the Jesuit community; esteemed administrators; honored guests; teachers and staff; dear parents; friends and fellow graduates.

It is my honor to welcome everyone to this year’s College Commencement Exercises: the 58th of the School of Arts and Sciences, the 10th of the School of Business and Governance, and the 6th of the College of Nursing.

Today, we achieve the culmination of years of learning; the culmination of a quest full of twists and turns, of toil and hard work, of challenges and life-changing experiences that shape our total well-being. Today we walk another step closer to realizing our dreams and aspirations for a brighter future ahead, for a life fulfilled and respected.

Today, also, we look back, with appreciation and love, at the people who stood with us through our successes and failures; at those who helped us achieve what we so rightly celebrate today. Without them, we would not be here standing so proud and delighted at what we have achieved, and at what we have become.

We welcome to this celebration our families, especially our beloved parents. We earnestly thank YOU for the years of sacrifices and for your enduring love, support and guidance. We dedicate to you our graduation –the sweet, ripe fruit of everything you have sowed.

We also welcome to this gathering our mentors, who tirelessly molded us to be real Ateneans: academically excellent, spiritually mature and socially involved. We thank YOU sincerely for imparting to us your knowledge and skills, for generously giving us your time and tirelessly sharing your resources, for preparing us for the challenges of life, for pushing us to overcome our narrow selves, and for making us realize who we truly are. We also dedicate to you our graduation, as our second parents.

We finally welcome our friends, classmates, colleagues and the special people in our lives. A life of fun and learning in college wouldn’t be complete without you, who have constantly inspired us to grow and to build friendships that brought deeper meaning to our life’s journey.

We all welcome you to our graduation, which marks the completion for another batch of young people, what the Ateneo de Davao University --our Alma Mater --has over the years patiently strived for: to transform the young that enters its portals into holistically educated persons, who with each other and guided by strong faith in God, dedicate their lives in the service of helping others become better human beings.

Ad majorem Dei gloriam! For the greater glory of God!

Once again, a pleasant morning to all!

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