Sunday, May 23, 2010


I'm here at C206.
The incoming SAMAHAN officers (SY 10-11) are having their long range planning.
Right beside me is MIGEL, the secretary-general. I used to be in her position and now, I miss having such role :)

But most of all... I miss the people of SAMAHAN. We were not complete when we had our EXIT CON. I hope we could be reunited again :)

05-22-10 7:19pm

I’m wishing that you’d surprise me. I’m wishing that tonight would be a little different… That tonight… I would see you. There is something in me that I wanted to see you badly. Or maybe I just miss those hugs that would make me feel fine. The feeling of loneliness is slowly taking into my nerves. My conditioning power seems not working the past days. I’ve been diverting my attention but it usually last for a little while. I tend to go back … again and again.. of wanting you… TO BE WITH ME. PHYSICALLY!

Missing you… really!

Saturday, May 22, 2010


Ryu, my classmate treated us (IM CLASS BATCH 2010) for lunch. It was his birthday. We (with Camz, Rocha, Kim, Janpol, Ogs, Maris, Kai, RJ, Tamala) ate at Toryanos.

We're reunited! Love it :)

LUNCH TOGETHER is one the many memories I miss with IM CLASS! Love it. And to Ryu, thanks for the treat. Till next time again!