Thursday, May 31, 2012

A prayer to one of my bucket-dreams

Dear God,

I love talking infront of people especially when I speak about something I know about. You know how passionate I am whenever I lead a team whose cause I am informed or facilitate a class like what I do in Ateneo First Year Orientation Program. You know Lord, how much I desire to be a member of Mentor's Club in Highschool, not only to get that chance of wearing the different uniform but of that opportunity to teach, to inspire and to lead.

I just submitted my resume and application letter for a part-time teaching job. I know I am not yet mentally prepared but I am very excited and motivated to do it.

Get me there Lord. Guide me. 
It's a dream of mine to be a teacher. 
I really pray to get this experience. Your will be done.

By the way SIR God, you're my best teacher!


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