Friday, June 1, 2012

Today is June 1, 2012

Happy first day of June! It’s half-way 2012. Is it also half-way to what they call end-of-the-world? *laughs* 

How did people ever thought of this day? Or how one did start this new month? Me… I tried to do something significant today and to begin with I prayed not to be late at work. But pfffft! FAILED. I arrived 
I was five minutes late. Tsk. Tsk. WHY? 1st.I have been sleeping late (or early hahaha at 2am). 2nd, Even if I woke up earlier than usual I find myself  too slow on fixing myself. Poor habit. (Reminders: Readers , pick what’s right and inspiring to follow in anything I write about for what I just have written is not a good thing to practice)

Then I was in the office. Mam Leng, our HR Coordinator back our training days in Manila was also holding a training about Business Writing with Mrs. Rex as the speaker. We had long chats, making me unproductive for some time. I forgot to finish my proposal letters for companies which most are long over due. Bad thing again. Yet good enough, some of my energy was transferred on preparing the ATM cards for the payroll account we’ve been working on. Now, it’s work-related. I was able to book our caravan for Monday and follow-up companies I’ve been calling out the past week. The working time seems so fast for me that’s it’s already 5:30 and it felt so UNPRODUCTIVE. But I was so full (PICOBELLO plus MAMA MARIA PIZZA). Nyay. I also missed my flight for tonight. I mean I really did not pursue my flight for tonight. Some negative thoughts are moving into my mind and I am trying hard not to entertain them. I don’t want to practice my NEGATIVE CREATIVE MIND. Nyay!

HEY today is not yet over! I still want to be positive for this month. So to myself I say this:

  • Get back on a checklist per day. Planning ahead do matter a lot!
  • Try to sleep earlier. I mean SLEEP EARLIER! Oohhh please, my system clock cooperate.
  • I need to refocus myself because there’s a target to catch (Ooooh friends please pray for me)

How did this day go for you? Hope it is all good! J and lovely maybe.

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