Saturday, December 1, 2012

New Day

It's December 1. Woooaah! The month itself excites me and bring some anxieties too. Well, it is my birth month and there are many other special events to celebrate. I will not forget that this is Our Savior's natal day too. :) When everyone is tweeting about "Hello December or December be good to me". I'd like to say:, "thank you God for another month. You're with me, stay with me."

I was still wide awake when the clock ticks at 12:01. I even got to talk to Pael. A conversation to patch things up on my side, share my chikkas and my favorite: LAUGH. Immediately after the talk, I watched my favorite TV series, Vampire Diaries. I waited for about 2 hours or more to download Episode 7 : "The Brother's Keeper". It was worth it. I am a fan! *My boyfriend gets annoyed of this thought. haha* The story just keep on revealing twists and the much awaited DELENA tandem is getting magnified. :) Also, I am DELENA fan. *giggles* . I slept with smiles.

When I woke up this morning, I was very enthusiastic to see Jeff. There are just so many things to catch up. We talked and shared stories/updates and it felt good. We walked through the many stores of Uyanguren (DCLA Area), continued the shopping at Gaisano Mall and finally end up our trip at Abreeza. I also met my other friend Cly and they joined me in my search for Christmas gifts. It was fun :) Thanks for the wonderful company. By the way, the list is still long. A-ja!

I deleted a post. A post that was funny, melodramatic and embarrassing but at the end gave me relief. :) So, I am posting this to replace it. :)

I was told I will be a ninang. Praise God for another God-mother duty. 

I watched MMK. It was touching. The message goes for everybody to stay safe and to seek help if needed. A story of great, profound love and acceptance.

I am happy today. It's a new day. Thank you God.

The night isn't over. But it's good to have this chance to visit this page. It's been a while :)
God bless everyone.

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